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What can you do on DailyGarlic?

Just like the recommended daily dose of garlic, this site is good for your overall health and your heart, but without the massive preparations or the odorous outcomes! DailyGarlic.com adds the right amount of flavor, zing and seasoning to your life to make it interesting.

DailyGarlic has a flexible and elegant interface to collect and share anything you like on the web, or anything from your life. Maybe you need to make a wishlist, no problem! Need to organize an event? So easy. Want to create and share a collection with your friends? We are there with you to do it in style.

Explore DailyGarlic and save anything you like in your personal collection. Create collections and allow your friends to post to them.

Powerful profile features to keep track of everything.


Upload content from anywhere you like

felxible features Flexible features to allow you to upload images from your PC, or from anywhere on the web. Found something your friend shared on Facebook, bring it in to DailyGarlic easily.

Invite your friends from Facebook or email so you can create boards together

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